Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hard rocks , lake & hills, Idukki

Idukki arch dam was constructed along with two other dams called Cheruthony and Kulamavu on Periyar river. Cherutony dam lies close to the arch dam while Kulamavu dam is situated 22 kilometers away. Together, the three dams have created an artificial lake within a range of mountains that is 60 km² wide. The water from this reservoir is used to produce electricity at the Moolamattom Power house which is located inside the rocky caves about 40 kilometers down the valley which caters to the power requirement of majority of districts in Kerala state.

IDKI_1022_idukki_kerala_DSC0027 IDKI 1022 IDKI_1023_idukki_kerala_DSC0020 IDKI 1023
IDKI_1024_idukki_kerala_DSC0021 IDKI 1024 IDKI_1025_idukki_kerala_DSC0022 IDKI 1025
IDKI_1026_idukki_kerala_DSC0023IDKI 1026 IDKI_1027_idukki_kerala_DSC0024 IDKI 1027
IDKI_1028_idukki_kerala_DSC0025 IDKI 1028 IDKI_1029_idukki_kerala_DSC0026IDKI 1029

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